Monday’s Motivation – August 8, 2011

“Without inspiration the best powers of the mind remain dormant. There is a fuel in us which needs to be ignited with sparks.”
~Johann Gottfried Von Herder

What do you do to get motivated and stay Inspired? Comment Below

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  • Patty

    Stress – it gets to all of us. Crazy drivers, computer crashes, the heat of summer….it’s gonna happen no matter how well you insulate yourself. What gets me through a “funk” is loud music and singing at the top of my lungs…laughter works too, but sometimes your funk won’t let you find funny – you need the music first. I know meditation and prayer can work too, but when I’m in a funk, my mind is racing too fast for that, need the music to settle my soul, then seek other remedies. If I ever get really down, I go for a gratitude walk…with every step you take, you name something else you are grateful for…sunshine, water, your fingers, your toes….every little thing. That ALWAYS works for me…

  • Bart Murray

    Hey Damien,
    Having to persevere thru a lawsuit with a former client that has failed to fulfill their end of the bargain sometimes makes me think twice about obtaining another local client. To say the least, I seem to always have in the back of mind the idea that this next client might screw me just like this last one…so, I have to act in faith and remind myself to act and not react and get pulled down into the muck of life. There are alot of bad things happening in the world right now and I say to myself that even though my problems seem significant, they are really microscopic in the grand scheme of things. I thank the lord each day that I can get up and log on to the net and get busy making a difference. If I think too much about the bills or money that I need I get bogged down with stress. So, its important,very important,to clear your mind and get in touch with helping out the next local business and that your knowledge can actually save their ass, or bring in revenue to keep paying the salaries of their employees, or allowing them to get something a little special for their kids or loved ones later on down the road. When I do this, then it will eventually help me too. So, help others regardless and then your care and guidance will pay off for you!

  • Steve Texter

    Keeping motivation for myself.
    When things are going in the wrong direction, I TAKE TIME TO REFLECT ON LIFE…
    The essentials, like food and shelter are impulse thoughts, but go deeper.
    Not everyone in life can enjoy the simple things that most of us take for granted.

    Breathing, Eating, Sleeping, Walking, Running, Watching, Thinking, Time w/ family, Color, Sound, Parenthood, Prayer, Etc…

    Be thankful for everything, everyone, and every simple gift YOU have around you and in your life.

    When you complete this exercise you will feel WAY more refreshed about how things are and what to do next.

    Knowing what to do next is nothing more than being organized, factual, and proactive.
    “Your Actions MUST Always Support your Goals”

    • Damon

      WOW! Thanks Steve!

  • Damon

    Thanks guys, How often we forget about the little things. Going Back to the basics.. Music works well for me. Taking a drive, walk. I think I will reflect more often about what I do have rather than what I don’t have or where I am not. Keep posting guys this is great stuff.

  • Mike

    What does it for me is the job I’m in and the company I work for. Words like ‘draconian’, ‘Victorian’ – they don’t even come close. Let’s put it this way, I work in transoprt and meet the public everyday. They have just increased our working day to 12.5 hours and that does not include the commute. They also froze our pay at 1.25% per year for two years and took away overtime and other bonuses.
    Finding a way not to do that is like trying to get air, while someone is holding your head underwater – trust me, you’ll get up, you’ll fight; you have no choice.

    • Damon

      Mike, sometimes we do have no choice. What do you do to cope? To stay motivated. Times like those are when you have to digg deep. I know the feeling, I have had a job that I hated an Ex Spouse that was toxic to my progress, those that matter not having faith. We all go through that. What do you or can you do to “Stay Sane” and stay inspired.